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Spoof News: MET Office Annouce When Records Actually Began

The MET office has finally released details as to when records actually began.

“It’s all bollocks really” said the MET Office’s Chief of Staff, “we stopped keeping records years ago.”

“We had to make room in the office for a slushie machine and that require binning a lot of filing cabinets. We don’t really know what things were like before 2009.”

When asked why the MET office has continued to coin the phrase “The [insert climate condition of day] since records began” the Chief of Staff responded:

“Oh we just say that to spice things up a little. The truth is that talking about the weather is sodding boring, and here in Britain it is all anyone ever talks about. So we had to make it sound more interesting, y’know?”

“I just wish you lot would find something else to talk about and stop blaming us for this shit. It’s hot outside now, what more do you all want?”

“Bloody British.”