Spoof News: Edward Snowden Presented with 2013 International Hide and Seek Community Award

The International Hide and Seek Community (IHSC) have presented Edward Snowden with their prestigious 2013 IHSC award.

The 30 year old international fugitive has caught the attention of the organisation in charge of all things hidden.

The IHSC award has experienced much controversy over their past decisions. Their nominations of the 2003 winner Saddam Hussein and 2004-2010 winner Osama Bin Laden brought them into strained relations with the US government.

“I got my best men on it, the CIA or whatever” said ex- US President George W. Bush “We tried to slap them with a big ass fine and call an end to this hogwash, but we just couldn’t find them anywhere”.

The President of the IHSC, Rebecca Cropper, was unavailable for comment. She is currently located somewhere in Kuwait as part of the 2013 International Hide and Seek Championship Games.

When questioned on how he felt about the award Snowden replied “It is an absolute honour, I have been trying to be recognised for this all my life. When I found out about the Prism surveillance program I knew I finally had my chance for recognition. I just took it.”

Unfortunately Snowden was unable to comment further. “I am sorry I have to leave, my flight for Norwich is about to leave…I mean Moscow, yeh Moscow.”

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